Retail Prescriptions

Trust us with all of your medication needs! At Avni Apothecary, we are happy to fill all of your prescriptions.  We offer fast and friendly service, and can deliver your prescriptions to your home with a small fee.

Topical Creams

We offer a variety of topical creams to minimize the appearance of scars or to relieve pain.  By applying medication topically to the area of concern- you are treating the pain directly to the site, eliminating side effects associated with many traditional oral medications.

Specialty Oral Medications

At Avni Apothecary, we believe that medicine isn’t “one size fits all”.  Our patients have intolerances, sensitivities, and taste preferences, and we embrace that.  We will work with you and your physician to create a unique formula made especially for you.  We will make capsules, tablets, or liquids to meet your specific needs.

Veterinary Medications

Pets need love too, and here at Avni Apothecary we strive to provide our pet owners with unique and innovative ways to administer medicine to their furry friends.